Download Link: Recommendation for Aspen Burke

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to you with regard to Ms. Aspen Burke who has requested that I write a letter of recommendation on her behalf. Aspen and I discussed her decision to pursue a career in the apparel or accessory production and design, and I support her decision and desire to take her passions and skill to the next level. 

Aspen has been working under my supervision as a member of our design and production team at ReSailsHooley since February 2014. At ReSails, Aspen was a vital part of our team during the 2014 summer season; her primary responsibilities were coordinating production of product for retail, custom and wholesale orders. We are a full-scale production warehouse so our activities include cutting, sewing, decorating, pattern making and finishing luxury domestically made luggage and accessories.

Over the time I have known Aspen, she has consistently performed her duties with competence and a positive attitude; I know that I can rely on her to motivate our team here and manage our production schedule. 

Aspen is an excellent problem solver. She is always willing to take on a new challenge such as developing a new product start to finish by pattern making and sample creation and specs for production. In addition she is a great communicator and has the skills and personality needed to be a leader. Aspen has a great attention to detail and multitasking abilities, which is needed to manage all the projects and orders simultaneously. I am certain that her knowledge, and hands on experience combined with her positive attitude and organization will translate well to a production assistant position.


Christian Schlebach

Owner of Hooley ReSails